Friday, 24 June 2011

Pretty pics...

After drooling over so many beautiful artists work on Etsy I'm finally starting to get quite a cute collection together to fill our walls.

I’ve had a little selection of postcards by Jane Foster which have been up in various frames, on pin boards and used as bookmarks for ages so I was very excited to finally buy some gorgeous prints which arrived last week and now are framed and up.

“Cat on the birds back” is sooo Betty….

And “walk in the park” is our adoptive daschund Douglas (until I’m allowed a real life one :)

I gave this card to Mr.M a while back for an anniversary from the wonderful Storeyshop. This really was a really big declaration of love from me! It’s obviously far too pretty to be put away in a cupboard so it’s framed and adorns the wall, above my Hello Kitty collection……of course!

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