Thursday, 14 July 2011


Today has been an A* for effort day, I got sooo much done. My to do lists of lists of lists were starting to freak me out a bit but I managed to make a considerable dent in them so all is good. I've got a few days off the 9-5 and today was a day to get things done. I even started the christmas to do list....that's just weird and really against my beliefs! I get so mad when I see things in the supermarket in October for xmas and here I am cutting snowflakes in July!!

I "unfortunately" had to bake a cake to showcase some new Etsy wares....shame. Cake was baked (and practically all eaten before I could get all my photos done) 

I'm loving my new cake accessories, I think a party may be in order so I can show some off :) I also sold my rainbow cloud mobile so got stitching a new version which I'm really happy with. Note to self; make one for me!!

Oh and this is George, he's a gingerbread man. He's waiting for his other mates to turn up then you can meet them all on Etsy :)

So after all that hard work I'm off for a long weekend in Wales.....apparently its going to rain....wellies and wine it is then :)


  1. I love the cake accessories! They're really cute - especially the cake bunting. And I've coveted that rain cloud mobile for quite a while now. Uber in love with your stuff.