Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Fav's #3

It's that time again, although I managed to miss payday because it was in the middle of the week, but still we all have time for a little weekend Etsy splurge :)

My Friday Fav's have a bit of theme this time round, that theme being cats :) What me? Talking about cats? Surely not?!


These little cuties are from an amazing vintage collection in RetroMeow (what a name). The shop owner, Amanda, became the owner of an extensive collection that her Grandma had accumulated. Luckily for us she now sells them through Etsy. I've got my eye on this cute pair of salt and pepper shakers. 

Next up is the work of Cathy Peng who combines her love art, cats and a  passion for all things kawaii into this cute brand.
Her illustrations remind are just so cute, there are so many gorgeous items I just can't decide, although if you get the cat with the tote bag then I'll go for that :)

Lastly, this shop just HAS  to be mentioned and must be the owners of the most obedient cat ever! CatAtelier make handcrafted cat outfits. I'm sure Betty would be climbing the walls if I tried to get her into a beret and lace bib but you've gotta love these beauties, who doesn't appreciate the sight of a cat in a top hat and bow tie?!

Have a puuurfect weekend......

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