Sunday, 29 January 2012

CO 42, K1 P1 for 6 rows......

I'm sure I've learnt to knit before.....I'm sure my mum went over it with me (more than once) but for the life of me I cannot remember how to do any of it, and reading a pattern.....have you had a look at one lately?! It means NOTHING!

So to sort out this shame I was gifted some needles, bought some wool and signed up for a class.

 We started off with some ready knitted rows so we could get the actual knitting part sorted first before the whole cast on, cast off shinnanigans began. After getting over the inital language barrier ("you're going to knit the first stitch for a row and then purl the second row, then start to rib and moss".......erm ok) I found it was becomming all familiar and I sort of knew what I was doing....

I don't know how this kept happening but after starting with 20 rows I found I kept ending up with a few more?? But I was quite impressed with my start! Look, you can actually see the different stitches!

After an hour or so practising it was time to get started on an actual pattern. Being a fan of the bow I chose a winter warmer headband with a big bow on top (and a slightly less eye watering colour)

Hold on, this pattern starts with "CO 42" what the hell does that mean?? So after a little master class in cast on and off it all came flooding back to me, I totally remember this casting on malarky. So most stitched now embedded in my brain I was you know what I think I might get a bit into this knitting lark. Look, I've actually made ribbing!!

Haven't quite finished the headband yet........will let you know how it turns out.

Right time for Sunday morning TV and my clickety, clacking needles......

Any ideas for future patterns much appreciated! (no cable knit jumpers just yet ;)

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