Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Payday Fav's #4

It's finally the end of the month! Phew what a long slog that was. Even though I'm still making up for Christmas over spending I'm sure I'll have a little pocket money left to treat myself to one of these.....or just carry on the lust until next month.....

Lately I've been loving lot of Valentine's treats.....

This amazing 3D Valentine's card by witandwhistle on Etsy. Mines already on it's way! How cool?!

How could you resist these super cute cat stickers? You can even colour them in!!
You can find them and loads of other gorgeous illustrated treats in Little Nore on Etsy.

And my last lovely are these foxy brooches by LittleThingsiMake. These are on my 'hint' list for Valentines...."Oh look how cute these are.....nudge nudge wink wink........" If all fails I'll just get them myself :)

Happy Valentine shopping!


  1. lovely blog post, i adore the fox brooches, and thanks for featuring my cat stickers :D

  2. Pleasure Heidi, they are sooo cute :)