Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easily distracted......

Wowzer you take your eye off the ball for 10 minutes and then realise it's been over a month since you've actually got down to work!

After a quiet time over new year I've slowed stamping and stitching right down and was becoming a bit disheartened with it all. I've been spending my spare time in shock at all of the people around me being grown ups; engagements and babies all over the place! So theres a LOT of these little guys around now and even more on their way by the end of summer...

But then the sun came out and the orders started to reappear and actually these little babies need squidgy hearts, bunting and clouds for their new bed rooms! so I'm getting back into the swing of things and the future looks rosey again!

My lunch breaks are now filled with snipping and sewing away in the sunshine (while it lasts) so theres lots of new things to be popped into my Etsy shop at the weekend....yey!

Bye bye sad old winter and hello summer....I see you over there behind that little spring cloud!!

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