Friday, 1 March 2013

Bunny and Kitty....

I've had this book for ages, I've made a couple of skirts but theres plenty book marked which I really need to get on with!
(Image Source: Amazon)

Theres a special baby birthday date coming up  so this little kitty and bunny project was a perfect way to get into my sewing groove...

I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a load of free fabric from work and I've got some gorgeously soft flannel and fleece which will be perfect for cuddling

I started with bunny. The perfect thing about these patterns is it's all basic sewing and all straight lines (clue's in the name) so its all super simple.

I love it when they start coming together...

And there was room to add a S&S bow!

Next up was kitty, this was when Betty started getting interested...

All in all it took about 4 hours to get these both finished, I wasn't in a rush and it was a really nice easy project to get on with whilst watching a film (Matilda in this case :)

I'm so pleased with how they came out, I think they're really cute!

Hopefully the birthday babies will think so too..

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