Sunday, 17 March 2013

Having a go....

After getting my hands on a stash of gorgeous fabrics from work I've been running up a few of these skirts, I even ventured to another page of that book and managed to make myself a dress too (pics to come) I'm getting quite well practiced in this sewing in a straight line malarky. So much so that I thought it was time to actually push myself a bit and try to maybe sew round a bend, in a dart, on a button hole or to even stitch in the ditch (?!?!) 

I've taken the leap and actually bought myself a dress pattern! After spending a good few hours perusing blogs, pinterest and ebay for pattern inspiration I finally decided on Simplicity 2588.

One pattern eight different styles, one of those being a cute little round neck, fitted bodice and flared skirt option with a large bow on the waist...perfect! This dress is my perfect style. I find it hard to find dresses the right length on the high street so I'm really hoping I can manage this so I can start filing my wardrobe with perfect dresses :)

I've read a lot of blogs where other people have used this pattern and it sounds quite do-able for a first time pattern user, although everyone I've seen has chosen to sew the slim fit skirt. 

Seeing as I've never used a pattern before I thought it best I do a test run before using a fabric I really like that I pay a bit more money for, just in case it's a complete disaster.
So I'm using this cute bow print cotton (from my free stash) it's nice enough to sew and if it does work I can still wear it :)

So wish me luck, I'm going to start by reading everything at least three times with google on hand for working out all the new terminology I need to know.......

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