Monday, 18 March 2013

Simplicity 2588: Part 1.....

Seeing as this is the very first pattern I've attempted I'm making myself go nice and slow and methodical. I get a bit excited with new projects and want them finished now! I want to see the completed peice! But I now I need to take my time with this, read everything thoroughly and stop sewing when I feel like I'm starting to flag a bit, I don't want things to go pear shaped or I'll get a bit angry and loose interest...."this patterns not working!"

So I've started with all of the cutting.......... (erm, of course)

Annoyingly I needed a different size for the skirt to the bodice so I had to do a good job of 'blending' the pattern lines.....damn you pear shaped body!

Once I had all of the pieces ready I got to work cutting my fabric....even this needed mass concentration ...the grain line, on the fold, matching up the selvages....I'm sure that any sewers reading this will think I'm completely stupid but these new words and terms are mind melt for a complete newbie!

So I have all of my pieces, it doesn't look like much once it's all cut. I can't wait for it to soon become a dress (hopefully not a tent) but I'm going to call it a day....look how good I'm being!

Oh, and as usual all work overseen by Betty's watchful eyes....


  1. one question and please excuse my ignorance: I see you cut directly from the pattern. Should you then decide to use one of the other patterns of the pack, how would you do that?

    1. Hi Patty,

      The bodice is the same for all of the dresses, and you can add sleeves or a different yoke to the neck (from separate pattern pieces), and theres a different pattern piece for the slim fit skirt too. The other dresses have slight differences in what they call 'designers additions' like the bow on the waist, belt and side tabs etc all of these have their own pattern pieces so you dont have to use the same pieces in different ways. hope that makes sense!

    2. it does - many thanks!