Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Simplicity 2588: Part 2.....

The sewing has started!
And do you know what, I'm finding much more simple than I thought I would. I think I had a preconception that once you start sewing a pattern you need to use all of these different unknown stitches that newbies would never of heard of.....of course you don't its all pretty straight forward...phew!

I got so engrossed in the whole thing I forgot to take any progress pictures. 
The only real sticking point I came across was attaching the yoke to the bodice; the picture on the pattern was a bit misleading and I pinned it upside down to start with....I managed to sort it out with some logical thinking.

A couple of hours later and ta-daaaa! I have a dress bodice...all 3 dimensional and everything!

Another bonus is it seems to fit too :)

That was more than enough for one day, I'm not rushing this remember!

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