Monday, 22 April 2013

Colette Peony #3....

After making my first Peony I just knew it wouldn't be the only one in my summer wardrobe.

This is number 3 (I haven't got around to taking photos of 2 so that'll come later :)
This weekend I went to a good friends hen party and was in need of something new to wear. I had picked up this pretty cotton from Fabric Land in Brighton and it was perfect. I underlined it with a black lawn cotton...mainly because I knew there would be a lot of photos being taken and a black cotton can have a habit of being a bit see through when a flash hits it (no undies snaps here!)

I've got so much better at inserting an invisible zip too (Thank you sewers of Youtube!)

I also put in some extra effort and bound my seams with binding....fancy!

I added a few alterations since the first peony. You can see in the top pic where I made the back darts deeper as the back gaped quite a bit. I also moved the horizontal front darts up an inch and made them a bit smaller and I turned the vertical darts out an inch at he top but kept the same waist markings. This made the top a much better fit and the bodice had much less of a 'pointy boob' area (technical term)

Yey the sun came out...shame the flowers in the garden haven't caught up yet...

Added neckline more gaping there either :)

i'm really happy with this version, and I think after completing 3 I can move onto anther pattern for a bit...until it's time to make a Peony with sleeves that is :)


  1. Cleaver you! I haven't tried making cloths yet but would love to make a skirt :)

    1. Thanks lovely...ah you should have a go, it's not as scary as it looks. Theres a great first skirt tutorial here...

  2. Love the fabric - it almost looks like a Liberty print :)

    1. Oooh actually it does a bit doesnt it?! I might be a bit loose with the truth from now on :)