Friday, 26 April 2013

Colette Sorbetto....

It's nearly time for Me Made May guys!
Are you ready? Do you have enough to wear?? Being a newbie to this whole sewing your own clothes malarky, I've taken it easy and I have comitted myself to wearing me made 3 days a week so I think I can manage that but just to make sure I'm just adding a few bits to my wardrobe before next Wednesday (no panic stitching no)

So I've got a couple of Colette Peony's under my belt, and after trawling some lovely sewing blogs I thought I'd have a go at the Colette Sorbetto. With it being a free download it would be rude not to!

Pattern printed and all stuck together...

And fabric chosen, this was in my free stash from work, such lovely colours and a nice light cotton perfect for summer (whenever that may be??).....

This is such an easy little pattern and it all came together within a couple of hours.

I love the front pleat detail.
I also used some fabric left over form my last Peony for another one for my mum :)
It's in the post mum!

I think you could add some little alterations to make a few different versions of this pretty top. In fact whilst perusing the Colette Pattern website I noticed the other free download for extra's to add to the Laurel...these could definitley be adapted for the Sorbetto.............more for the MMMay13 to do list!


  1. Yay! Good luck! I'm also doing it for the first time (note to self - make pledge before Wednesday...). I think your pledge is a great one for a new sewer, and the sorbetto blouse is a perfect pattern to wearing everyday. I love your floral red and black version!

    1. Yey! Good luck to you too! I'm looking forward to seeing everyones photos of their outfits. Maybe next year I'll have enough me made to wear something everyday but for 2013 this will have to do!

  2. I'm glad I will not be the only newbie in MMM13 - I've also only pledged the w/es of May... Great post about the sorbetto - have plenty of rollends that would accomodate this pattern!

    1. Good luck Patty, I'll look out for your pics and I'll watch out to see if you get any Sorbetto's done with those roll ends :)