Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Project.....Colette Peony......

This long weekend was the perfect time for me to get to grips with my newest pattern project, the lovely Colette Peony.

I have been trawling through blog posts to see how much a of a beginners pattern this really is. There are so many posts out there and so many gorgeous dresses have been made. Many mentioned that the bodice needed a lot of tweeking, some didnt mention this at all. I think it's best just to get on with patterns how they are and see how true to your body shape they are.

I chose a cotton from my stash and set to it. 
The actual pattern book is so cute, like a little vintage book...

The instructions were really easy to follow, with little notes abut different stitches on each page.
I had this all cut and bodice all stitched on the first day, so gave it a rest for the evening.

By Easter Sunday I had  lovely new dress to wear :) 
(Even with slippers)

And it has cute little sleeves!

I'd say that the bodice probably does need a slight tweak on the darts, they make the front a little bit 'booby'. But once I've got this adjustment sorted I'd say the rest is pretty much spot on. I can see my wardrobe becoming full of these dresses, especially with the longer sleeve version.