Monday, 29 April 2013

Me Made May 13....Planned makes....

Two days to go!
I'm getting quite excited about this MMM13 challenge, and since my pledge involves making 1 new peice a week too I thought I better get some planning on the go.
I've got a bit of a stash to get thorugh and some nice and simple (hopefully) patterns in mind.
First up is this cute heart print cotton...

I actually want to self draf a pattern copied from one of my favourite summer tops from H&M, I forgot to take a pic of it but its a simple vest top with a slight racer back. The front neckline is scooped and the back hem falls lower than the front....a little bit of a mullet top really. I think because this cotton is s little see through it might need a bit of underlining too.

Next is this super soft brushed cotton.....

 I suppose its a bit like winceyette but that just makes me think of grannies nighties so we'll stick with brushed cotton. I've used it a couple of times to make a couple of cute teddies for some little people I know but theres loads left so I'm going to get stuck into making some new PJ bottoms. I think I'm going to use an old pair for the pattern as they dont really need any particular shaping...the baggier the better :)

I'd quite like to use this mad jungle cotton for something...

When you open it out its got pineapples and stuff on it, who doesnt love a pineapple. I'm thinking maybe a dirndle skirt?? Might leave this till last...
I'm going to squeeze another Sorbetto out using this cute bow print cotton...

But this time I might use some of the add on's from the Laurel additions which I mentioned here I likt the front bib or the keyhole maybe at the nape of the neck.

Thats four to keep to my pledge but along side I've also got to make some headway on a dres sto wear to my friends wedding in June. I bought this gorgeous Michael Miller Paris print in pink and I'm hoping that once it's in dress form it wont be quite so marshmallowy (thats all I can think when I hold up the sheet of fabric next to me)

I've seen loads of gorgeous dresses made with this in blog land. I'm going for Simplicity 2444, without sleeves, collar or bow, nice and simple with all of that print...

So theres the plans, lets wait and see what I actually manage!
Good luck to everyone else joining in, you've still got a day to go make your pledge over on Zoe's Blog


  1. Your plans all sounds gorgeous!!! Happy stitching Zoe xxx

    1. Such a good challenge! Happy MMMay13 eve :)

  2. Yay, can't wait to see all of your sewing makes!! I think I almost have that same heart cotton, but I got mine in Paris last year - my plan is to turn it into a Cambie dress. one of these days...

    1. Ooh I've seen a few of those cambie dresses around, its on my extended to do, that fabric would be perfect! :)