Friday, 31 May 2013

Me Made May 13...Conclusion..

It's payday...yey!, it's Friday...yey!, it's the end of MMMay13...booo!
This was my first me made pledge and I managed to stick to stick to my goals and I really enjoyed it!
Compared to a 'normal' month I've squeezed in loads more makes and although I still dont have quite enough me mades to fill in a whole 4 weeks of wears it was so nice to really get into wearing the things I've made and give refashioning a good old think about too (I now have a quite a few bits in mind)
For the last couple of days I managed to squeeze in another wear of this top and a few more of my bows not epic but enough to keep me up to pledge!
I also managed to use all of the fabric stash I had in mind at the beginning.
My favourite wear was probably my striped Dixie dress

and my favourite make was most def my PJ bottoms, it's still been so chilly at night so these have been super cosy.

Looking back at my posts I noticed how truey awful most of my photos have been, I'm going to blame this on the fact that a couple of months ago I had my phone stolen so have been using the oldest iphone ever with no access to instagram or other photo apps which I'd usually use and apart from having time at the weekends I am far too lazy to be getting the camera out for a proper shot.
I'll definitely be making up for this now I have a new phone in my paws :)

Thank you Zoe for hosting's been fab!

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