Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Me Made May 13...Week 3...

 Working the fashion show...daaaaaling
Finally warm anough for peep toes!

3.2 Polka dot one hour skirt
Totally forgot to do an outfit photo so this will have to do
3.3 Sorbetto Dress

I love the Sorbetto top so much I've got just a few more planned. Then I read this blog post by Megan Nielson and thought, hold on, I could totally do that to a Sorbetto...so I did, and I love it even as much as the top! I even used my own bias binding...ooh fancy :)
This design will be perfect for a few little beach dresses for our summer holiday, so expect a few more of these along with the tops.
Theres loads of Sorbetto variations out there, currently loving this high low hem design by Miss P. So I think this counts as my 1 me make for this week too :)
Week 3 = I just squeezed in 3, what with the make so I think I get a 'must try harder' nudge for next week.


  1. I love your floral Peony! And I think I've mentioned the fabric before, it totally looks like a Liberty!!