Monday, 17 June 2013

Saturday skirt refashions....

I got busy with this pile of unwanted and unused clothes this weekend...

I'm in need of some holiday skirts (yey holiday soooooon!)

First up this pair of jeans...

I've been looking for some nice chambray for ages but no fabric shops have come up to scratch so instead I thought I'd just these oversized jeans, bought in the sale, to make up a new skirt. You cant really go wrong with a denim skirt, they go with almost anything. I decided on the standard jeans to skirt style and took in the waist band quite a bit. 
Skirt number 1 done :)

I also used up two jersey tops for the stripe pencil skirt and patterned black and white. The coral one was a strapless sundress that I never liked to wear because it a was a couple of inches too short...chop off the top and you have the perfect skirt length!
I'm really pleased with all of these and they're going to be really useful holiday pieces.

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  1. Wow! Look at you go with all of those refashions! They all look amazing and like they'll get a ton of wear.