Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Quilt progress....

Well it's coming along quite nicely...remember all of those squares? They've all been sewn together (a bit wonky but I'm going with 'charming') and backed with fleece and another layer of cotton.
Then came the loooong stripes of masking tape to make sure I got my stitching in the best straight lines I could manage!
And then came the looooong stitching.
This is a right kerfuffle, theres loads of fabric to roll up and get under the machine elbow and another load on your lap, but at least it's just straight stitching. luckily the fleece isnt too thick either so theres been no nasty machine tantrums  (yet)
I should have all the stitching done in another day or two...then its binding edges and Ta Da! (fingers crossed)

1 comment:

  1. Or Shabby chic? Or Rustic? I can't tell that they are wonky at all! Can't wait to see the finished article :)