Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer sort out #1

August is here already! At the risk of sounding like my nan, it'll soon be Christmas!
Well not really but I feel like I should really start prepping for those Christmas craft fairs now. I've said this for the past two years and carried on saying it until around November 30th before doing anything about it. This year will be different!
I'm in the mood for a proper sort out too so August is now my month to sort, tidy, organise, and prep. No buying more patterns to add to the list and no buying more fabric to stack up.....blimey I am dying to buy some new fabric!
My main aim is to shift this little lot...

I've used most of them for dresses, skirts and tops. These are left overs really. Many of them have also been used for bows (and can be found here....ahem) To be honest, as pretty as most of them are I'm getting a bit sick of the sight of them.
Theres also a whole bag full of smaller pieces too....

Theres also a whole shelf full of felts, which will be used for Christmas stall goodies (nearly time for those Gmen to come out to play again) and second hand cotton sheets which are great for making dress mock ups and linings, but they could still do with a bit of a sort out.

So the plan for this little lot is to start snipping. Any that havent been Betty Bowed yet will be cut to size so I have a pile of to do's to add to the shop.
My other plan is to have a go at a quilt. I saw a lovely little post on Miss P's blog where she made up a little baby quilt, and its so gorgeous it inspired me to give it a go.
I've got a lot of fabric in blues, white and red so again I got snip, snip, snipping...

This is the general layout of the squares. I have some fleece and a good cotton sheet for backing in the stash too so this will use up loads...I'll come back to this once I start to actually sew it all together.

So this is the start of my August sort out plan...lets see how stage one goes.....

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