Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer sort out #2

This week I went along to the amazing Super+Super for a haberdashery swap night.

Everyone involved brought along bits and bobs from their home stash that they had started to think of as trash, but others might consider absolute treasure!

I went along with my work friend Lucy and its safe to say we had a HUGE stash to add to the mix...

Four massive bags filled with fabric swatches and rolls, trimmings, buttons and yarns. Once at super+super we could organise our wares out into bags and add a points value to each bag. 10 for fabrics and big bundles of wool down to 2 for little bags of trimmings etc. Whatever you brought along would mean points for you to use on 'buying' other peoples goodies. We ended up with 130 points between us!

Once the tables were full we had a chance to have a nose at what was there before it was time to get stuck in and grab all the bags you had your eye on. This wasn't as traumatic as I thought it might be and everyone was really civilised and actually all went for different elbows necessary.

Amongst others I bagged this bunch of jersey knits...

I cant wait to start turning these into dresses and tops. I just picked up the Grainline Studio Hemlock pattern (it's free go get it!) and i'm thinking those little bows would be perfect.

I was so pleased to get rid of some of my stash that I was sick of the sight of and it was so nice to see people picking up those bundles. I know I've totally filled the gap the stash busting made but I have come away with fabrics that I'm actually going to use....and they were free!!

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