Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fantastic Mr Fox.....

Since it started to get a bit chilly I've been getting the knitting needles out again. I've got a huge bundle of lovely wools to get through but no patience for actual knitting patterns. I'm much happier sitting in front of a few episodes of Breaking Bad knitting along to K1 P1 rather than trying to figure out where the hell the thumb gusset goes (I tried to make mittens....for about 4 days......these have now been unravelled and turned into a lovely PLAIN scarf)
I was gifted some lovely thick orange and brown wool from a friend who found knitting really wasnt for him, he came along to the refresher class last year and looked like he was ready to stick those needles somewhere eyewatering about half way through; best to give up and give all that wool to me yeah? :)
Anyways, I finally thought up how to use it after seeing this tutorial for this really cute fox scarf....

However, as much as I wanted to make this scarf I didnt really want to go and buy fabric for it, and I had nothing in the stash suitable, so why not knit this cutie?
Like I said, I'm no good with a pattern, I know how to add and take away stitches so I just went for it and eyeballed the whole thing....

I just used knit throughout and split it into three main parts; head, body and tail. I then added the little ears and there he was...Fantastic Mr Fox :)

What have you been knitting? Anyone else feel the same way about those damn knitting patterns??!