Monday, 2 December 2013

December dress....

Now it's actually December I am happy to fully embrace all that is Christmas. Bring on the cute tv ads, putting up decorations, shopping for way too much food and drink and wearing all those Christmassy clothes. Cue the December dress....

This is the snuggliest and cutest print of a Dixie ballet dress I ever did make!

I snapped this up at Fabric Land in Brighton.

I'm sure it's meant for PJs or something equally cosy but I wanted a winter dress so here it is. Maybe it's the perfect Christmas day dress, the right amount of cute christmas pattern mixed with the right amount of cosy nap enducing softness, that'll take you from the christmas dinner table straight to the sofa....mmm snoozefest.

It's also time to rock ALL the bows........instant Christmas hair :)


  1.!!! I LOVE that fabric!!!!!!! I'm gonna have to Pinterest this now! Maybe I could get something similar for next year? Also think I'll be joining you in rocking the bows!

    1. Oh me too, it's so cute and so soft...this will basically be my Christmas uniform :)
      Go find some!!

    2. Do you know what the fabric is called hon? Maybe I could give fabric land a little call cause I've not of it one near me :)

    3. Eeee,this is so cute! Totally the perfect Christmas dress! I think I need some of this fabric as well!

    4. Thanks Jen!

      Gem...I'm not sure and they havent got it in there any more...sorry :(

  2. Aw Nevermind it must not be to be!