Friday, 17 January 2014

2014 Resewlutions....

 Just put together a few little points on areas where I should start paying more attention and improving my sewing skills this year....
  • Take more time care over my makes, especially when it comes to pattern cutting and finishings
  • Spend more time hand sewing; finishing things like hems and zips rather than running off a machine hem when I could get a nice invisible hem going. I hate hand sewing so this will be a challenge!
  • Take time to plan my makes and choose the right fabrics-rather than choosing bad quality fabrics just becasue I love the print and just have to make that dress this weekend!
  • Get together a spring/summer  colour palette so I have a much more wearable wardrobe. I think I managed to do this quite well over the winter with grey, navy, berry and a nice bit of monochrome. This made getting ready loads easier in the mornings as most stuff matches (apart from the odd party dress, mad prints and mental colours a go go there)
  • In that vein, get a nice new fabric stash together.  After I've done some sweing planning (as above :) I should have some solid ideas of what summer makes I'd like so Im going to make sure I pick just the right fabrics
And finally...
  • Have enough pieces ready for this years Me Made May so I can wear something every day!
Oooh I am looking forwrd to MMMay14!

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