Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New year stitches...

Well two new and one veeerrrryyy delayed Christmas party dress, it's late but I was on holiday (2 weeks ago ahem) Anyways, I'm back to it now...
This is the last pattern from my pattern haul last autumn, Simplicity 1873. I wanted a cute little party dress for my Chrstmas do's and this was it! I found this super cute bow fabric and knew it was perfect for this pattern (I like bows?? whaaaaat??) I also drafted my own collar pattern peice...I know! All on my own aaaaand.................. IT WORKED!
(Ignore that white mark on the collar-think I put a bit too much washing powder in the machine or sumink?)
I'm so happy with how this dress turned out, it's such a cute little pattern, I love all of the pleats in the skirt and the round neckline. Most of my patterns seem to have a slash neck/boat neck thing going on so it makes a nice change. This pattern has the cutest little puff sleeves too...
It was hard to photograph but there are small darts all the way round to make it 'puff' out.
The bow dress can't be counted towards any new year makes but these two newbies can..
Yes, it's the beloved Dixie Ballet dress again, NOT sorry. This is the perfect dress for work and I just keep coming across lovely patterned jersey knit so I just can't (and won't) stop.
Oh I have one more December make too, I had some the amazing fabric leftover from this dress and seeing as it's pretty seasonal I needed to get it made up before the year was out, hence the December Scout...

So I've started off 2014 in good sewing spirits, 2 dresses down and ready to really amp up my skills this year. I'm planning on getting a good list together so I can do some organised fabric shopping, get some resewlutions together and start planning the best dress I'll ever wedding dress!
2014 is going to be pretty amazeballs, happy new year everyone!



  1. Ooh, your Christmas dress is so cute! I'm definitely adding Simplicity 1873 to my list. And I'm totally with you on the Dixie DIY ballet dress - I feel like I could live in them!

    1. Thanks Elena, I've just been nosing at 1873 on some other blogs and the sleeveless low neck version looks so cute for summer too, think I need to have a few more goes :)
      I can't stop with the dixie dresses, I think it's becasue they're so easy to make up and you just know it's going to fit fidling with darts and zips!