Monday, 17 February 2014

My new brother....

No, no new members of the family popping out...something much more exciting! 
Up popped a Groupon offer I couldn't resist this week. My new brother sewing machine :)

I love my Singer but it's in great need of some rest and recuperation...the bobbin winder doesn't wind, the tension has a mind of it's own and it's getting a bit grumbly. The cost of getting all of that sorted was pretty much the same as a new machine so look what option won out...

It's a pretty basic machine, but more than enough for the level of sewing I'm at and I'm so excited to have a machine that sews button holes, has somewhere to put the extra spool for the twin needle, has some pretty stitch selections and doesn't stop with a clunk every now and then when the tension goes mental. 

I spent the weekend giving it a proper test run, testing out the stitches and button holes (erm those need some practice)

It came with quite a few different feet and accessories too...

Most excitingly that twin needle! I've been dying to use one of these for ages..

I had a couple of sorbetto's to get through from my stash attack, a nice simple pattern to warm up the machine and they came out a treat, I love how smooth everything felt and such a difference in noise too! I think i'm going to get on with my new brother just fine :)

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