Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stash attack....

I have a little trip to Goldhawk road planned for the end of March (squeeee!) which means I need to make space for all of the amazingness I'm going to be splurging on.
I've got fabric in my stash that I know I really want to use, just not sure how, stuff I'm sick of the sight off, and bits and bobs that are just all unorganised and have no purpose. This needs fixing!
So last night I got it all out onto the table and sorted through that stash!
I know have nicely folded fabric assigned to a pattern and ready to sew..

and a nicely organised, whole box of fabric peices suitable for facings and pockets and maybe even bias binding (should I find a spare few hours)

I feel so much better after a good old sort out. What also makes me feel better is when I get post delivered at work...

It's still under my desk waiting to be picked up tomorrow and taken home...hurry up weekend!!


  1. Ooh exciting. I haven't been to GH Rd for ages. Keep panicking they'll be gone before I can get there sob sob. Good luck with your new machine!

    1. I'm trying not to think about it ever disappearing, it will be too sad :(

      For once I'm glad its going to be raining all weekend, so I get to know my new brother
      for two whole days! ha

  2. You are sooooo lucky to be able to hit up GH Road!!! It's too far for me boo and we have NOTHING like that up here!!!