Thursday, 6 March 2014

Polka top....

I just happened to be cutting out the peices for a Deer and Doe Plantain (go get it, it's fee!) when the Great British Sewing Bee came on, and their theme for this week?...sewing stretch fabrics...prefect timing for this little top! and this all came together by then end of the show....

This is a really lovely, quick and easy pattern. I did make another which I meant to have entered into the #plaintainchallenge but other stuff got in the way and I didnt round to photographing it or entering it...c'est la vie!

I picked up this lovely spotty fabric when I had a littel splurge on Minerva Crafts. It's a bit more like a sweater jersey so it's got a nice amount of sturdyness for going through the machine.

I altered the neckline after following Tilly's blog posts to acconpany her Coco dress sewalong. (Another pattent to add to the list)

I love a boat neck and the thought of ommitting the neck binding was so tempting that I went with it, you can see her lovely tutorials here.
It also meant I got to use my new twin needle...

and on the hem....

Ooh it gives such a lovely finish...a lot less 'handmade'.

I added 3/4 sleeves and am really happy with how this turned out. This means more fabric terrible ;)


  1. Ohh, I've not tried sewing with stretch fabrics before, the twin needles definitely does give a great finish - may have to invest in one and give it a go - my list of sewing projects I'd like to get around to grows by the day!

    1. Twin needle and a zig zag stitch for the rest and your away!
      I know-same here, it's reading everyones blogs that does it, theres always another pattern to add to the growing list of 'to makes'

  2. I've had my twin needle for ages and still not got round to having a go with it. I must get on it. Lovely top by the way :)