Monday, 24 March 2014

Stocking up on stash....

Saturday was the day I finally made it up to Goldhawk Road. 

That magical, mystical land of a million fabric shops filled with wonderous prints, beautiful colours and alllllll the sparkles...

I went with my my best sewing friend and we prepped this trip pretty well, we'd been waiting to go for a while so our lists we're pretty full and detailed. I definitely want to minimise on waste and maximise on making really good items for my wardrobe this year so I wanted to make sure everything I was going to buy was matched up to a pattern I already had, was the right colour and was something I actually needed.

I was so excited by so many shops in such little space. It was so nice to go in and out of each shop like you do when you're clothes shopping and it was really good to go with a friend for a second opinion and to pin you back to the list when you get over excited :) 

I didn't manage to get everything I was looking for but I did get a really nice stash and I was completely shopped out by the end of it 

So what did I get? 
Some pretty Liberty-esque stretch for (another) Dixie Ballet dress.
The swimming ladies for another version of 1873.
Navy gingham for something along the lines of Tilly's picnic blanket skirt
Indian cotton in two different blues, one for a beachy long Anna
Zebra and spots cotton.....because....ZEBRAS!

Goldhawk Road lived up to those high expectations and I had an amazing day....I can't wait to go again!

BTW...... anyone elsed notice what random bags you get given? 

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  1. I have that delight to look forward to next Monday. Can't freaking wait woot :) Glad you had a good time. Also indeed the bags are tres random.