Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Different Dixie....

Yep, it's another one, yep I love this pattern :)

Another Dixie Ballet dress, this time in this Liberty-esque stretch that I picked up on Goldhawk road. A perfect springtime dress. This time I kept the sleeves longer, it's still a little nippy out there...

and I adjusted the neckline and just turned under and sewed with my twin needle rather than adding neck binding. I also didn't bother hemming this one, (whhaaat??!) seeing as stretch doesn't fray I don't think it really needs it, and it's quite a thin stretch so i find it gets a bit bulky to add a hem.

This will do me well as a good staple during Me Made May, which starts THIS WEEK! wooop!


  1. I'm looking forward to me made May. Lovely dress!

    1. Thanks Char, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyones going to be wearing.....anticipating lots and lots of dresses!

  2. Duuuude I love that print! Great staple!