Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Peony skirts....

I really love the Colette Peony dress, I think the bit I love the most is the shape of the skirt. It's just a lovely simple A-line. It's a good length, sits nicely on the waist and is a good blustery day fear of it blowing up in a freak seaside gust (which happens way too much in the summer with many a beloved gathered skirt)
So now I'm the owner of two Peony skirts. The first was actually my 3rd Peony dress which I loved but I c*cked it up by not washing the lining fabric first (rookie mistake!) and then when I did wash the dress the lining shrank a bit and it never ironed right or sat flat. You couldn't notice too much because of the busy fabric so I managed to get a lot of wear out of it but now I'm a bit sick of the sight so I got the scissors out, got rid of the bodice, replaced the zip and added a waist band.

The other was the left overs of my railroad denim with some cute summer meadow cotton added for pockets and seams...

And I even bothered with hand stitching for an invisible hem! get me!..

Aaaaand a bloody button hole!

If I had emoticons I'd insert 'feeling smug face' right here :)

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