Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring Scouts...

I finally got round to dipping into my new fabric stash from goldhawk Road, first up this amazing zebra and polka dot cotton....


I used the Grainline Scout Tee pattern and drew up my own pattern peice for the collar. As this fabric is quite busy (look at all those busy galloping zebra's) I kept the collar in a block black and exagerated the width so it's quite prominent. I first drew up this peice for the navy version below, as I also adjusted the neckline to be a bit higher I made the collar in two peices for that one as I though I might need to add a keyhole at the back to get it over my head but as it turned out I didnt need to do that at all so the black collar was cut on the fold to form one peice.

 I'm trying to make a bit more "cake" for my wardrobe and block colours is something I don't have much of at the mo so I'm making a bit more of an effort  (apart from when zebra's come along....obvs) to make some peices in plain colours

Doesnt mean I can't jazz up the insde though...

I really love the Scout Tee as a basic simple 'throw on' top, adding the collar gives it a cute twist and makes it feel a bit more dressy than a plain tshirt, it's a nice quick, satisfying make and is easy and lovely to wear. Recommended spring time wear!
(or winter again as it appears to be today :(

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  1. Reeeally like the collar you've added. I've never made any tshirts, but plain block colour items are something my wardrobe is lacking as well.