Saturday, 24 May 2014


I've mentioned Tasia's fantastic cake and frosting analogy before and it really rings true with me. I made a decision at the start of the year to sew a lot more cake. So here's a nice big slice of it...

I bought this linen/polyester mix from Minerva crafts, it's a really nice deep navy, has a really good drape and was really easy to sew with.
I used good old faithful Simplicity 2444, I know it fits well and is my favourite shape to why not?!
The only down side to this fabric was that in the light it was really see through on the skirt. I had already lined the bodice with a polycotton so I added a little under skirt too...

Seeing as I'd already constructed the whole dress I sewed the skirt lining to a length of bias binding, pinned this around the waist and then stitched in the ditch on the outside to secure it. I just added a few stitched to the zip tab to secure it down at the back.

I also hemmed the skirt with bias tape and slip stitched inside...nice and invisible :)

So this is a big ole slab of cake, I've worn it a few times already and it feels like one of my favourite makes so far, nice and simple and something about it being a plain colour makes it feel less homemade too.

I'm going to try and make an effort to add a few more block colour pieces to my wardrobe from now on, well after I've got through the stash of flower, bird, cat and numerous other pattern prints :)

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