Monday, 19 May 2014

Picnic dress....

Basically anything gingham reminds me of a picnic blanket....that or those infant and junior school dresses which are actaully very cute but this is for growed ups so picnic it is :)
This is a new dress for #mmmay14 and now the suns been out I actually got to wear it, and I managed to wear it for a beach bbq (and take off my must really be warm!) (that counts as a picnic right?)
It's navy and white and the larger of the checks you can get out there, this was one of my bargain buys from Goldhawk Rd.
I went for simplicity 2444 for the bodice but wanted more of an A-line skirt so mixed it up with the skirt from the Deer and Doe Belladone, and I just LOVE the pockets on the Belladone...

I've been wanting a gingham dress for ages and clearly got so excited sewing it up that I failed miserably to actually match up any of the really obvious lines that gingham so clearly has...


I'm not quite sure how I managed it but I didn't notice at all until the zip was in and then I really couldnt be bothered to try and rectify it, my hair ends up covering most of the back anyway.

 These two pattern match up ok, the front darts on the boddice end where the pleasts in the skirt are.

The Belladone skirt is a great one for breezy summers too, no chance of any knicker flashing with this nice A-line, this is a particular fear of mine having had the misfortune of wearing a circle skirt and walking over Tower Bridge on a particluarly windy day, I won't go into it but that tourist bus got much more view than they were after.

I'd better not leave you with that image so I'll leave you with this one of the cat face....

they always know when fresh bed sheets are going on don't they


  1. It's a lovely dress. I've not tried the Belladone, would you recommend it?

    1. Thanks Char, I really like the shape of the Belladone and the bodice has a cute cut out bit at the back so it's nice if you fancy something a bit different. I'm planning on mixing the bodice with a gathered skirt some time.....

  2. Baaaah who cares about the back. I like it! I have a gingham gap in my wardrobe. I like how you mixed two patterns as well

    1. Yeah, no one notices that sort of stuff (I Hope :) I've got ideas on yellow and red gingham's always pretty cheap to...bonus :)

  3. This is lovely! What's not to love about a gingham dress, and what a great pattern hack.