Thursday, 26 June 2014

Finger knitting.......

Yes, FINGER knitting.
I'd not heard of it being an actual real thing before but it is! and I know this because I gave it a go and it works and everything, look!....
So I've been admiring a lot of plaited, crochet and knit necklaces out in fashion land at the mo. All lovely fabrics and colours and I thought I'd surely be able to coble one together myself so I got onto Pinterest and found this...

It's got a really good link to a youtube video which is much easier to see how to do the knitting rather than looking at images.
But this is what I start out with your choice of yarn. I wanted to use jersey so I cut up an old top (what a way to refashion)

and then, cynically,  Istarted "knitting"....

lo and behold it was actaully doing something! It ended up looking like this..

Give it a bit of a pull either end to tighten up the braiding and add some extra yarn each end for ties and I ended up with a proper necklace...

I didn't bother with the metal parts for each end becasue I didn't have any I don't think it needs them.
I'm really pleased with it, it's just the sort of thing I was considering paying quite a few quid for but I managed this out of a top I didn't want any more and 20 mins of time. So now I'm hunting through the wardrobe so I can make other colours....

Have you tried finger knitting?


  1. I haven't tried it yet but it's one of those things which is on my list of things to do if I ever have any spare time!

    1. This honestly took 25 mins from start to finish, if you already had the yarn then the necklace would probably be about 10-15 mins, go squeeze it in :)