Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Anna Maxi Dress....

First up from my summer sews list is my BHL Anna maxi dress.
There are loads of really lovely maxi versions out there, a couple of my favourites are Roisin's swimming ladies and Lauren's blue silk.

This dress was a case of fabric before pattern.

I picked up some teal indian cotton on Goldhawk Rd. It's so lovely and lightweight, a little bit sheer, and really soft. I wanted to use it for something beachy, like a kaftan cover up thing but couldnt really find the right pattern. I've been wanting to sew up the Anna maxi version for a while but thought it might be a bit dressy for beach wear. But after some thinking I came up with 'oh f**k it', I can wear a sheer-ish maxi as a bikini cover up right? 

So I got down to it, only to realise that I couldnt fit all of the pattern peices onto my peice of teal cotton, waaaaaah! That cotton is really narrow. However, I did also buy the same fabric in navy too so some quick thinking and I decided to colour block it with a navy bodice and teal skirt. 

Oh what a lovely "design feature" ;)
I went for the v neck version, just because I'm yet to try it out. I like it but if I make a version that isnt beachy I'd need to do something about the width of the opening as it's not very bra strap friendly, it could do with coming in on the shoulders by half and inch or so.
This dress is looong, like super long. I'm not sure what height it's intended for but I initially chopped 2 inches off the skirt length before cutting my fabric (to try and squeeze the pattern peices on) and then also chopped another 2 inches off and it still hits the floor. I'm 5ft 6" which I don't consider to be short, maybe it's to accomodate wearing super high heels? Anyways its a good length for wearing with flip flops now.

I'm really annoyed with the split. I'm being a complete weirdo but I prefer my right leg to pop out of slits, it just feels better ok! and I really thought I'd put this on the right but oh look, there it is on the left. Humph.

I used french seems throughout and added a lapped zip.

I'm pleased with this make, I think it's going to be a beach favourite and am looking forward to sipping some sunset cocktails in it...roll on holidays :)

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