Thursday, 5 June 2014

Way overdue #MMMay14 days 29-31 and 5 things....

Grainline Hemlock


Sleeveless Scout (unblogged)

5 things....

1. I like Dixie DIY Ballet a lot, I've worn 6 in May and theres another 3 stashed away with my winter wardrobe. Thats ok though as they are super comfy and in the right fabric are perfect for work and play. Maybe I should stop making those for a while though....
 I also like my Grainline Studio Scouts quite a fair bit, I wore 5 different versions. Not a huge amount but its up there as one of my favourite patterns to wear with jeans. I even squeezed in a sleeveless summer verion for the last day.

2. As a goal for the coming year I'd like to start to work through new patterns in my stash rather than remaking patterns I already have. This is a funny one as I've made quie a few of the same pattern...Anna, Dixie, 2444 etc but when I used to buy clothes I wouldnt ever go and buy more than one version of a dress in a shop. I'm not saying I'll never make the same ones again..when you like them its hard not too! But I'd like to make an effort to try new ones, taking time to choose the right fabrics.

3. I really like blue. I sort of knew this, but I didnt realise I wore it quite so much. 16 days out of 31 were predominantly blue days. Looking at the photos though, I'm pretty happy with this, I think it suits me well enough. I'd like to add some more neutrals and block colour items to my wardrobe. Theres also a lot of print and pattern going on, which I love, but I think theres something so nice and versatile about a plain colour dress and I loved how my Navy 2444 felt to wear, must remember this when fabric shopping...musnt get distracted by cats!

4. I only had to repeat 2 items! This wasn't in my original pledge but once I started I thought I'd see how long I could go, and as I'd pledged items rather than outfits this was probably a bit easier. If the weather had been a bit nicer I could have got through the month...damn you rain!! I'm going to add this to next years challenge.

5. I've got quite a full up wardrobe! I'd like to start being a bit more selective and taking my time to work out what I need before I go ahead and make another frou frou dress, I want all of my me mades to be well worn and have a purpose and not linger at the back of the wardrobe waiting for a suitable event.

I loved taking part in this challenge again and thank the lovely Zoe for organising it and for posting photos with adorbs Dolores!

Is self stitched September a thing this year??

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