Monday, 9 June 2014

When is a dress not a dress?.....

When it's a new top! :)
I had a bit of a wardrobe sort out and chuck out session, this was one of those peices that was at the top of the bag and I didnt really want to get rid of, although it's only ever been a beach dress I just really love the print. So just before I threw those bags away I grabbed this one back and went all snippy and sewy on it...

Oh yeah,,,it's another Scout. Actually it was the last top I squeezed into Me Made May, a cute summery sleeveless version.

I think the border print works really well. I cut some bias strips for the arm and neck holes and french seamed it. not much else to report, it all came together in about 40mins.

I do love a bit of refashioning, being able to get more wear out of some of your favourite RTW peices before having to really say goodbye.

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