Monday, 14 July 2014

Up the Albion!....

No, the world cup hasn't sent me footy mad and I'm now discovering my love for my home team, however this dress would be perfect to wear to home a home game at the Amex...go Brighton! (or whatever you shout)
Anyways, this is another of my planned summer makes, New Look 6674.
My inspiration comes from these beauties...

I love how flattering a wrap dress looks with a tie waist and I thought this could also be a cute dress to throw over a bikini too....always dreaming of the beach...

I'd already picked up some drapey bird print viscose from Fabric Land in Brighton, the dirt cheap/guilt free kind of stuff...and I've ended up with this...

I made a couple of alterations to get the look I was after. The orginal pattern called for a button inside the wrap and one tie on the left side, I wanted the sort of wrap that ties all the way around so I roughly followed the instructions for the waist band of Tilly's Miette skirt, which worked a treat.

You might have noticed I added a nice little 'design feature' too...

The neckline was far too long, I had a go at tweaking it out in different areas but it sat best to take it out of the front chest, so in came a couple of pleats. These actually look much better in real life but I'm still considering taking them all out with darts instead?
Obviously I should have done a toile, I just really cant be bothered to do that alll the time, but next time I'll tweak this excess out of the pattern.

This is definitely an area I need to do some research in fitting for as well, any pattern alteration advice or reading recommendations?


  1. Looks great! I love the bird print!

  2. How pretty! I'm not sure about turning the pleats into darts. Maybe just stitch a little further along the pleat and press it down? Sure you'll work it out.

    1. Thanks Amy, sounds like a better idea for those pleats :)

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