Tuesday, 5 August 2014


My final summer sew (well that was on my list anyways) This my newest wardrobe favourite, my Hazel-Ava...

I picked up this fabric as a second in Fabric Land, apparently the colours are smudged? Looks perfectly fine to me and at £3.50 a meter I'll have me some of that. I have no dea what it is though, it's weighty with a good drape, doesnt crease, drys quickly and doesnt need ironing....perfect! I'm guessing some sort of viscose?? I thought it was a bit familar and have realised since that I have an old H&M dress in the same print cotton, oh well, the more the merrier.

So for this dress I used the bodice of the Colette Hazel but switched up the straps for spaghetti's that tie in a bow on the shoulders. I've got a Whistles dress with these and love it so thought I'd have a go at copying and it worked great.

I've made this pattern up before and it's pretty easy. For this version I used the facing peices as a faux collar to give it a bit of a vintage look and lined the whole bodice with cotton. It's a difficult fabric to photograph but you can sort of see the collar peices in the pic below...

Instead of the gathered skirt in the Colette pattern I used the skirt from the Victory Patterns Ava dress. It's just shy of a circle skirt, sort of a 2/3 circle and I love it. The actual pattern calls for the skirt to have 4 peices with a side zip but I've taped it all together so this dress is one peice at the front and two at the back to fit in the back zip, and I added pockets...no dress should be without pockets!

I bound the edges of the skirt with black ribbon binding which make the edges nice and 'flippy'. Perfect skirt for twirling!...

I got the skirt length just right on this dress, not too short to show too much leg and not too long to feel a bit frumpy. This should see me through the rest of summer and it'll be great for holidays too.

So thats my summer sews all done. What on earth am I going to do know?
I've got a couple of selfless sewing projects to do and then I really must get on with some pattern alterations that have been on my to do list for ages, and I suppose I could get on with a couple of blog posts for later in September......anyone want to see a me made wedding dress?


  1. Love the combination - I'm really starting to enjoy coming up with new pattern combinations.

    1. Thanks Char, so good to mix and match it up, endless possibilities and much more original designs :)