Monday, 22 September 2014

Blog Hop....

It's my time on the conga line (Nice analogy Amy)

I've been nominated by the lovely Zoe of Tadpegs. Zoe's blog is full of gorgeous garments she has sewn, has some really great craft and sewing tutorials, and not to mention some yummy recipes too...go check it out NOW!

So from one Zoe B to another here I go....

*** Why do I write? ***

I started this blog when I started up my first Etsy shop, Stamp and Stitch, and back then it had the same name. I documented all of my little craft projects and the starting of my little shop which kept me busy at weekends. Then in early 2013 I jumped into dress making and absolutley loved it. This blog then turned into more of a record for me as to how I was getting on with sewing, so I could look back every now and then and see how I was progressing. I never think about anyone actually reading my posts, if I did I'd probably get all self concious and stop writing. I love documenting each of my makes and writing a few little notes about how I found the process, it sort of feels like it finishes off each make, like being back at uni and giving each project a critcal write up!

*** What am I working on? ***

Like most crafty people I have a massive, never ending to do list of things I want to make and get involved in. Each new blog post I read inspires me and makes me thing of yet another pattern I want to try! But at the moment I'm having a few weeks rest from sewing so I can concentrate on all of the crafty diy's for our wedding in a weeks time (eeek!). There was no question that I would want to make as much as I could for the day and that included having a go at my own wedding dress which I was totally organised about and finished back in March! I keep having a little peek in the dress bag to check none of my handstitching has come undone or to double check that I did sew the skirt on the right way round! It was my biggest dress challenge to date and I'm so glad I gave it a go, I'll be sure to write a blog post all about it :)

*** How does your blog differ from others of its genre? ***

I'm not sure that it does, there are so many amaizng stitchers out there so inevitably theres a lot of cross over but I don't think thats a bad thing, it's inspiring to see what everyone is doing and you can gain so much information and help from other people posts about patterns you're working on.
I suppose a little differnec in posts comes when I add something about my other little Etsy shop Hello Betty Bow every so often when I'm working on new stock. And theres even the odd sighing of the catface too....

*** How does your writing process work? ***

If I'm working on projects that excite me then finishing up with a blog post is easy as I really like to sum it all up and see what new skills I've gained or how I've improved from my last make. If I've had a week or so without working on anything then I get stuck for anything to say. I won't throw a post out there for the sake of it, I'd rather have something vaguely interesting to chat about rather than scrape the bottom of the barrel. Thats no fun for anyone!

*** My nominations! ***

So next on my conga line are...

Rachael from the girl who makes things . I've followed Rachael's blog since she hacked her By Hand London Polly top with that super cute sweetheart front. She's made an amazing set of bridesmaid dresses for her sister along with loads of other gorgeous dresses. She's my inspiration to move onto making a shirt for the other half too (maybe I can fit this on the to do list by Christmas?!)

Rosabella from Fancy Frugality. I'm new to Rosabella's blog, I spied her lovely makes on twitter during this years #owop, those were some really cute skirts, and she's got a whole wardrobe full of her other lovely makes too!

To quote old Brucey.....Keep dancing ladies!


  1. Thanks Zoe for your kind words. I love reading these and learning a bit more about the writers. Plus I just saw you are one of the winners of the Handmade Jane OWOP giveaway and I was really excited for you. Woop! x

    1. Thank you for the nomination! It ws nice to write a bit of a different blog post and actually interesting to answer those questions.
      Yeah, I get to choose 3 patterns, soo exciting, trying to whittle them down is a challenge in itself though! x

  2. Oh there are so many amazing sewing blogs out there, I'm enjoying discovering them all !