Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I signed up for a little September challenge; One Pattern, One week. Theres all the info you need over on Handmade Jane's Blog

I'm going with Simplicity 2444. It's my favourite dress pattern and I have quite a few of them so I'll get through the week with just a few repeats. However, what I love about this challenge is that it's not about wearing a new version of your pattern everyday it's about finding new ways to wear your chosen item and thats what makes this challenge great :) I'm looking forward to stretching my styling skills on this one and it starts on Saturday!

Have you signed up? What's your pattern of choice?


  1. I've signed up with 2444 as well!

    1. Classic! Easy to sew and easy to wear, whats not to like??!

  2. Oohhh, I've got another 2444 on my autumn sewing list so I'll be really interested to see yours! I've picked the Scout woven tee but done a couple of knit versions to mix it up a bit! Looking forward to the challenge though!