Sunday, 12 October 2014

Me Made Wedding Dress.....the beginnings....

So as eluded to in my last post, a couple of weeks ago I went and got all married up to my love and managed to do it in my very own me made wedding dress.

So how do I start to talk about this scary, amazing, fun and extremely satisfying process?? Well it all started about this time last year, I wanted to squeeze in as much planning time as possible before I actually cut into any fabric, and it was all finished by March this year so I suppose 6 months from getting some ideas on paper to having the actual dress hanging at home wasn't too bad? It went something like this.....

As soon as I started to think about what sort of dress I wanted to wear I knew that I definitely wanted to at least give making my own a try. I think if I'd gone ahead and bought a RTW dress I would have a felt a bit sad that I didn't at least try out my own hand made dress first, and starting early I knew I had a decent amount of time to give it a go and have time to go panic shopping if it all went wrong!

So I started off reading blog posts about other amazing sewers giving theirs a go, the only one I managed to bookmark was Zoe's amazing blue dress, but theres loads of other amazing dresses out there. 
I knew what shape dress I was after, sticking with my usual style of dress I wanted a nice 1950's shape. Fitted bodice, possibly sleeves and a knee length full skirt. So next was to start pattern searching. I won't list all of the patterns I ummed and ahhhed about but I ended up going with the Ava dress by Victory Patterns...

I love the cute sweetheart neckline with sheer overlay and the full (almost) circle skirt. 

So now was practice time, from someone who barely bothers to make a muslin for new dresses I totally excelled myself and went all out on the pattern tweaking....I thought it would probably be worth it ;)

I ended up making 3 versions of the dress before I was really happy with the fit. Using up some old duvet covers and some questionable cheap 'lace'....

The most hacked up pattern pieces I think I'll ever have...

So once I was totally happy with the pattern it was time for fabric shopping! 
Oh me oh my, Berwick Street is a pretty nice place to go splash some cash and even though it was the most costly fabric I'll probably ever lay my hands on it was still sooooo much cheaper than any wedding dress I'd seen so it felt pretty good to be 'saving' so much money....ha!

I went one day with my mum on hand for an honest opinion and did a good lap of all shops before making a final decision. I really didn't have a particular colour or style in mind, I think that made the process a bit easier as I wasn't intent on finding the exact thing I had in mind. I was open to looking at anything and the sales guy in the Cloth Shop was so helpful, he had me draped in all sorts...

scuse silly 'not ready for photo' face

Apparently this was the best way to figure out what you like, to be able to see how it's actually going hang and sit together, and I must say that it did work well to visualise things better. I never thought I'd be a lace lover or go for fabric quite as 'weddingy' as what I did buy but it was all so gorgeous...give me all the french lace!!

We ended up going for a little burger break at Byron before making the final fabric decision...

Well you can't make a decision like that on an empty stomach!! 

The final purchase! 
I'll get into whats in the bag in my next post and get some actual pictures of the final dress sorted :)


  1. Oh, I am not a huge wedding fan, but I can't wait to see your dress - how rewarding to make your own. And I really like the look of the Ava dress.

    1. Thanks Char, it's a really nice pattern to work with, a little different with the sleeve and bodice options too.