Friday, 14 November 2014

All the sparkles: Gabrielle Blazer.....

Sequins are pretty cool aren't they? Well yeah, unless you're constantly finding them in your bathroom, stuck to your feet or IN YOUR G&T?! Then they are not cool, they are anything but cool however they were pretty fun to sew and it's pretty exciting to have a spangly new sequin thing in my wardrobe.

So this sequin fabric ended up in my life after I riffled through a bag of off cuts and trimmings my sewing buddy Lucy was getting rid of. I was only halfheartedly rummaging, thinking 'No, I don't need to take any of this home, I have enough stash alrea....OMG sparkles!' and then I wouldn't let them go. I knew exactly what I was going to make too having just printed off one of the free patterns from Spit up and Stilettos, the Gabrielle Blazer

The only problem here was I have never worked with sequin fabric or anything like it before. I Googled it, read about it and then when things weren't much clearer I got onto the #sewcialists, that lovely lot are so damn helpful. So armed with my new info I got going...

The cutting was, quite clearly, the absolute messiest bit and although I was really careful and fully hoovered afterwards they're still popping up all over the damn place.

The main pointer for cutting out was to make sure I had the direction right, I ended up using my rotary cutter which was so much easier than scissors.
Even though one of the top tips I was given was to trim away the sequins from the seam allowance I didn't actually do it. The sequins are pretty small and I just didn't have the time for that, the fabric was free and the pattern was free, if it all went pear shaped because I didn't waste a day in my life trimming sequins then so be it.

I went ahead and used a heavy duty needle and sewed right through those bad boys and do you know what, it sewed absolutely fine. I didn't loose either of my eyes to flying glitter or pinging needles and the seams look fine. I suppose if you were going to put together a fitted dress then I can see that you'd want to the seams to lay flat but with the casual hang of this jacket you just don't notice how they're lying at all, even though they're pretty flat anyways.

I bought a meter of satin back crepe to line the jacket with. I did away with the facings and fully lined it instead so I could easily slide in and out. I also like the way this shows on the collar line fold. 

I did also toile this pattern but all it needed was a little taking out of each back side piece as it was a little wide.

This is a funny picture, it's like I'm selling dodgy watches or something, but basically there's the lining

This pattern honestly comes together so quickly. I wasn't expecting that at all, I think it would make a nice alternative to cardi's so I'm going to try and whip up a couple more in a less jazzy fabric. As you can see this one has enough jazz for the whole of my wardrobe....


  1. Good on you! It looks great! I can understand why you wouldn't cut away the sequins in your seam allowance, this really didn't need it. I only suggested it because I made my wedding dress with sequin fabric recently and it really needed it. It took FOREVER but it was worth it.
    I think I need to make this blazer now that I've seen it on

    1. Thank you! Oh I can't totally see that you'd do it for a wedding dress, that is THE time to go that extra mile!
      Yes, go for the blazer, it's so simple and makes a nice little outfit addition :)

  2. So sparkly! It turned out awesome, great work :)

  3. That's amazing! I love the sparkliness, and am in awe of your sequin sewing skills.

  4. Thanks Lynne! Oh don't be, I just went ahead and sort of pretended it was just another piece of 'normal' fabric, ignorance is bliss!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Char, I haven't got around to wearing it yet but I think it ticks all of the Christmas party boxes :)