Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sew Over It: 1940s Tea Dress....

So this pattern was part of my #owop prize and I'm so glad I chose it. It's the 1940s Tea Dress by Sew Over It and it's a little different to my usual style but still really girly with a fluted skirt. The fabric is another piece that I snaffled from Abakhan, a really good quality cotton sateen with a bit of stretch, and I love navy and polka dots.

So the most different part of this dress for me is the bodice. It has a fitted yoke at the waist so it sits close to your rib cage and then has a nice V neck with gathers under the bust. As this was so different I went all out on the toile and ended up going down 2 dress sizes to a 27 waist?! Which doesn't even seem possible but that's where it fitted so that's what I went with, obvs the pattern is on the generous side...

I didn't toile the sleeves or skirt (see I've not got that dedicated yet) skirts like this are never going to have a fit issue and I thought the same for sleeves too. I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeve cuffs but I don't think this would make a huge amount of difference as the spots make it all quite busy anyways. In the same vein I left off the decorative buttons on the front bodice.

Happy face on the invisibility of that zip, sad face on the blatant ignorance of any sort of pattern match up....humph...also probably should have pressed this before taking photos.....

I bound the inside seams in a nice bright yellow but ran out before I got to the hem. I had some of this cute bow print which I made ages ago and I hand stitched it down so I didn't have a line of stitching on the outside-same goes for the sleeve hems. I'm a bit gutted I didn't have enough of the yellow to do it all the same but it hardly matters coz INSIDE, and who see's that?!

Another winner of a dress there, I think I'll go for another one in the not too distant future and add those cuffs and buttons, and maybe even make sure I have enough binding for ALL the guts.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the polka dots and the innards, and this pattern is already on my christmas list!