Monday, 10 November 2014

Star Spangled Peony....

I've started working through my stash of winter fabrics (basically to make room for what I'll acquire when visiting Goldhawk Rd in a couple of weeks) 
This piece was part of my Abakhan haul. I'm not sure what it is, I thought it was quilting cotton but it's actually got a bit of strecth in it. It's nice and weighty; good for winter and I love the print. It's sort of little geometric squares that make up stars which all in all makes your eyes go a bit mad but I still like it, especially the little bit of yellow in with all of the blues. The Mr actually picked this out, well done that man!

So the pattern is Colette Peony. I thought I was done with this pattern, and it's many problems, but something lured me back. I think it was mainly the challenge of making it into a better dress than my past trials. Enough time has passed that I now actually understand whats going on and how to fix it. 
This was one of the first patterns I ever tried. I was really pleased with that dress. Unfortunately it didn't last long as the fabric was a bit cheap and faded so quickly in the wash. My favourite version was this Liberty-esque one. I'd started to make more alterations by this point but the tucks to the neckline weren't exactly ideal. This version actually ended up as a skirt-I'd made the mistake of not washing the lining fabric and it shrunk making it a bit of a twisted bugger to wear, I gave it a good go but now it looks like this.

Anyway.... this dress was much less stressful and much more of a success than any of those...hurruh!

I fixed that gaping neckline issue first by cutting 1cm out of the front bodice pattern piece, I always use this method. As last time, I used the full width of the back darts to stop back gaping too. 

I'm pretty pleased with my pattern matching on this one too (ok, not so much where the bodice and skirt meet but I didn't have enough fabric to squeeze that one in and one step at a time people!) Also can you see my invisible zip? No, because INVISIBLE. Ok yeah you can see the zipper pull, blah blah, but I'm so pleased with this zip insertion....*smug face*

I've also just noticed the massive star on my bum.... oh well it matches up nice doesn't it?!

I lined the bodice with a soft Ikea pillow cover, well I like the print and waste not want not. This was also my first Peony with long sleeves. I really like the length-just below your elbows. Good for winter but not as annoying as full length, which I usually end up rolling or pushing up.

Other than the lining, the insides are simple pinked seams. The fabric is a bit too heavy for french seams and it doesn't seem to be prone to fray so no need for bound seams either.

I'm glad I went back to the pattern that was being thought of as a bit of a nightmare as it all worked out pretty well this time around without too much of a struggle. 

Do you have any nightmare patterns lurking at the back of your stash drawer?

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  1. oh I love it. The Peony is a pattern which has been on my wishlist for ages but I've not yet ordered...