Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas Day 18: Bibs......

Today I had a bit of time to get the baby bibs finished that I have on my to do list for a friends baby's Christening this weekend. 
What a zippy little project these are, it's a shame I can't whip them up for more people for presents (Christmas dinner bib anyone??)

I used the pattern from Spitup and Stilettos. But it's just a simple outline so you could easily draft your own. I used fabric from my scraps bag and happily found I had a piece of the super cute kitten print left from when I made my peplum top

I lined each of them with some soft brushed cotton I've had left over form making PJs and and vintage pillow case, and found I had some sticky velcro pads left over form some craft project ages ago, I knew they'd come in handy!

Theres a few babies popping out in the spring so I know what I'll be making for those new little sprogletts next year...

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