Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas Day 8: Christmas traditions....

I've seen a few of these posts floating around and I love to see what everyone else has in store for their Christmas. Everyone has their own little traditions that make their own Christmas special, I think most peoples traditions are from what we enjoyed when we were kids but it's nice to add a new one every now and again too, these are a few of what make my Christmas...

Getting the Radio Times and highlighting everything you want to watch over the Christmas holidays, you do this too right?

Having one little present to open at midnight on Christmas eve, because you just can't wait any longer!

Shouting "IT'S CRIMBO!!!" really loud down the phone to my Dad first thing Christmas morning, yeah this is probably just me......I'll get to do this right down his ear this year :)

Christmas day breakfast of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and bucks fizz. The only day it's widely acceptable to be drinking from the time you get up until you go back to bed

Watching the Snowman and Father Christmas on Christmas morning

Stretching the present opening out so it lasts nearly the whole day, none of this ripping them all open at once nonsense, talk about a sugar rush

A pre dinner walk along the seafront, I love seeing everyone out strolling usually dressed up in their Christmas best and kids on new bikes and dogs running around 

Then later in the day, after dinner it's PJ time, its all about the elasticated waist guys!

Do any of these sound familiar? I'd love to hear your traditions!

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