Friday, 13 March 2015

Colour Block Scout.....

This little project is a perfect example of running away with the sewing in my head and not sticking to the plan

This was an weekend impulse make. It's pretty clear from my list of makes that I love a good Grainline Scout. It's a really nice plain pattern that's good for showing off a good print design or, in this case, bold colour block.

Having cut out my Ultimate Trousers (sewing up the legs and then swiftly giving up as they need a load of alterations....groan) I had a bit of this lovely royal blue fabric left. Stuffing it back into my stash box it sat next to this left over stripe cotton...bring on light bulb moment! These don't need to sit in this stash any more, they can marry up to make enough fabric for a new top to wear out this evening!

I sewed the two fabrics together before cutting out the pattern pieces, this seemed like a much easier option than working out seam allowances to factor in doing it the other way around. Then I managed to cut the first piece out a bit too generously though and then ended up with not quite enough of the stripes to be able to match the front and back so in comes my lovely DESIGN FEATURE of DELIBERATE mismatched side seam stripes.

I used some matching bias binding for the hem and inside sleeve edges and used french seams for everywhere else.

A satisfyingly quick Saturday make which was promptly worn that evening :)


  1. Zoe I love it. It's really good colours and totally wearable. Fab.

  2. Love it! I'm going to get on the Scout-wagon this spring too! I love your mismatched stripes, wayyy more interesting than boring old matched stripes xxx

  3. Aww, I don't really want to break up the Zoe party in the comments, but this is lovely! Such a nice bright shade of blue.

    1. Ha I know, name of the moment :)

      Thanks Laura x