Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Blazer of glory....

Terrible blog post title I know, shoot me now...anyways....
Look a new thing I made!

These photos show how terrible I am at having my photo taken, especially first thing in the I am wearing my new Gabrielle blazer which I love quite a lot already.
My first version of this pattern was the disco version back in November. I knew I wanted to make a another version of it then, something light and easy to wear, something that would go with a lot of outfits, something I could use as a sort of jacket throughout spring and summer. I couldn't really decide on a colour that I could imagine wearing most of the time, black would be a bit too 'officy', navy would be great but it doesn't always go with black...oh the dilemma! So I decided maybe denim would be a good choice. It pretty much goes with everything and this would end up a sort of smarter denim jacket...yep an idea I liked the sound of. 

I've been wanting to make something up in chambray for ages now and never got around to actually buying any of the stuff. After perusing a few websites I landed on this gorgeous stuff from Fondant Fabrics. I actually order the Robert Kauffman chambray union dots but looking at the pics I think this may actually be the Cotton Chambray dots ? Or maybe they just look very similar? Hmmm.....maybe I should double check my post before I get so over excited by new packages of fabric!

So yeah, I used the Spit up and Stilettos Gabrielle Blazer pattern, which is FREE!, this really is such a simple and easy to put together pattern. It doesn't include instructions for a lining but it's pretty simple to put one together using the pattern pieces you already have, basically make another blazer minus the front panel pieces and voila! 
The only thing that went a bit wonky was the set in sleeves which came out a tiny bit big for the arm holes, I just added a little tuck to each shoulder seam, as above, which isn't ideal but looks fine and sorted the issue quicker than I could be bothered to make any other adjustments coz LAZY.

I used some of the chambray on the bottom of the sleeve linings so I could add sleeve turn which add to making it a bit more casual I think...

I took and inch out of the bottom of each side back panel too as it was a bit too big at the bottom, I think I've got quite a good fitted shape to the back now...

I think I might get quite a bit of wear out of this, I'm hoping it goes with most things and it's perfect for this amazing sunny weather we're having at the mo, and on that note, I'm off down the beach to grab some sunshine before the April showers finally make an appearance!....


  1. Such a gorgeous jacket :) I just love the subtle polka dots, so cute!

  2. Oooh, really nice! Perfect for both smart and casual wear.

  3. I love it! I like the combination of the casual fabric in combination with the pattern!

  4. Hi, i really like the blazer. Did you know that the site "Spit up and Stilettos" doesn't exist anymore. I tried to get to it to download the pattern...nothing!
    Have you got the pattern and yould send it to me (I doen't know, if this would be okay, but I think I ask for it, because I love this blazerand would like to sew it)??