Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Pretty PJs....

So I'm on a roll with my selfless sewing. Last week I sewed up a pretty pair of pyjamas for a friends birthday and now I'm jealous of them!
I used the Collette Sorbetto for the top, bound the edges with some stash bias binding and added this pretty trimming to the front pleat...

For the bottoms I sort of used the Margot pattern from Tilly and the buttons book Love at First Stitch. I say sort of as I took a load off the length and went for shorts and omitted the tie front and went for elastic at the waist instead. 

To make them more of a match I added some more of that trimming to the edge of each leg. I've also got a thing for gingham at the mo, there's so many colours to use!

That's two selfless sewing sessions in a row! Doing well hey? It's actually really satisfying making things for other people, especially when they like the item :)

My next makes going to be completely selfish though, maybe even a pair of these PJs for me!

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